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A variety of musical and artistic works to connect you deeper to the Vine - our Heavenly Father.

2016 Hebrew Calendar

Full color Hebrew calendar for the year 5777

(Sept.  2016 - Sept. 2017)

Unique illustrations show each month's significant Biblical events as well as symbols of the Feasts of the Lord.  The true meaning  of the Mazzaroth / the Signs of the Zodiac are included for each month. There is space for personal revelation and journaling. Both a useful tool and beautiful keepsake.

Eight Prophets of Ancient Israel

Through beautifully rich illustrations the declarations prophesying Messiah’s first appearing spring vividly to life.


This fresh mosaic of Scripture and art celebrates the mystery of the Creator’s ultimate plan to reconcile humanity to Himself.

Minstrel CD

These high-spirited musical observations are first & foremost for the Audience of One, but I hope this collection will also tickle the funny bone of the Body of Christ.

May other minstrel-warriors awaken & be emboldened to engage their culture as Ambassadors of the Kingdom, proclaiming the King Who sits in the Heavens laughing.

The Kingdom - Vinnie Holman
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